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Friday, October 3, 2014

Woman sues employer after being refused paid maternity leave for adopting a puppy

Well, it's definitely cuter than your average human baby, but 40 weeks to toilet train a puppy seems a bit excessive to me... UPDATE: And as it turns out, the article is a joke (not that you haven't heard equally outrageous stupidity from "Human Rights Commissions."  We live in trolling times, where the truth is so absurd, it's hard to tell what's satire. )

Photo: (Frank Kovalchek/FLICKR)
Statistics show that 80% of Canadian mothers take paid maternity leave after giving birth. Well, recently a case has surfaced in Ontario which will likely forever change the way Canadians perceive the concept of maternity leave. 31 year-old, Barrie, Ontario resident Trish Lemierre is suing her employer after they refused to give her paid maternity leave after she adopted a six week old Bichon Frise puppy. 
"I want my 40 weeks just like any other mother."
Trish Lamierre, puppy owner
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Unknown said...

Click-bait stunt by CBC, it looks like. Apparently they're honing in on The Onion's racket.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Richard. This is on "This is That"... CBCs satirical comedy show on Saturday mornings. Not that this WOULDN'T be done. But not in this case. It's a funny.

Richard K said...

Oh! Well, that's too bad; it's not nearly as stupid as some of the grievances I've heard about recently!