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Monday, October 6, 2014

U.S. widow takes first step in what could be $134M judgement against Omar Khadr

TORONTO — A default certificate has been entered in a civil suit filed in Utah against Canada’s Omar Khadr by the widow of a U.S. special forces soldier and another soldier partially blinded by a grenade.

The court entry is a first step in obtaining a final judgment that could be worth as much as US$134-million.

“We’ve got the entry of default, that’s pretty awesome,” Laura Tanner, one of the plaintiffs’ U.S. lawyers, said from Salt Lake City Friday.

The registration comes after Khadr, who was served with the lawsuit in prison in Alberta in June, failed to respond even though lawyers considering acting for him had twice requested time extensions to do so, court documents show.

“We haven’t seen anything, no appearance of anybody, which is actually pretty strange,” Ms. Tanner said.

Khadr’s Canadian lawyers have said they were unable to find a U.S. lawyer to represent him at no charge...

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