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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Slowdown in blogging - and notes from the campaign trail

Well, I did warn you that being a Toronto District School Board Trustee candidate would result in a slowdown in blogging and with the campaign in its last ten days, that's really taking effect.

The campaign in Trinity-Spadina continues to be fun and interesting. Today, on just a short stretch of a single street near the Annex, I was told, unprompted, by people in four separate households, that they had called NDP City Council candidate Joe Cressy's office to have him remove his sign from their lawns once they learned the facts about my opponent,  his Trustee running-mate Ausma Malik. It turns out that even in what used to be an NDP stronghold, even among people who are traditionally NDP-supporters, people aren't particularly impressed with a Trustee candidate who was a featured speaker at a pro-Hezbollah rally. Nor with Council candidates who would endorse such a person. And the fact that there are at least three articles in the University of Toronto's newspaper, The Varsity, which discusses her involvement in election-rigging while she was a union official isn't helping the NDP in Trinity-Spadina much either.

Whether the NDP was stupid or sleazy in thinking they could get away with such behavior is one of the questions I get on a regular basis. 

But my campaign is going quite well. So well, in fact, that I have heard about an NDP push-poll in the riding, where they are calling people, with the pretense of polling, but actually for the purpose of promoting their candidate.That means they're running scared.

Onward to election day on October 27!

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David B. said...

Good luck!