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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

At UC-Davis, Students Can't Register Until They Concede It's Wrong to Say 'I'd Hit That'

The University of California, Davis, requires students to complete an online activity in which they must identify certain words and phrases as "problematic" before they register for classes. Students are prompted to match "I'd hit that," "I raped that exam," "bitch," "pimp," and "slut" with the correct explanation for why each term should not be uttered.
The correct answer for "I'd hit that" is, "Expression used to indicate interest in having sex with the subject of the statement. This phrase indicates an inherent connection between sex and a physically violent act." Here is a screenshot of the quiz, courtesy of theFoundation for Individual Rights:
UCDavisProblematic.jpg (754×423)
FIRE informed the university that the activity violates students' First Amendment rights, since it requires them to affirm that these words are indeed problematic...
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