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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

News Briefs - Republicans gain control of Senate and retain House majority as Lame Duck Obama limps into final two years of his term

Republicans took control of Congress in Tuesday’s midterm elections, a result that transforms the political dynamic in Washington and gives the GOP new power over President Barack Obama ’s final two years in the White House.
Republicans won Senate seats from West Virginia to Colorado and beyond to assemble a majority of at least 52 seats, expanded their margin in the House—possibly to levels not seen in decades—and won key governor races.

Oh, and Jian Ghomeshi hired the beautiful and brilliant Marie Henein, a protege of Eddie Greenspan, to defend him from criminal charges. Let's hope she has a can of pepper spray handy during their meetings.

And in the "why did this not happen years ago?" file: Citizen and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander to ban immigrants in polygamous, forced marriages.

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