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Friday, November 21, 2014

Benlolo: Instead of hugging a terrorist, how about speaking out

Just the other day, worshippers prayed peacefully in a quiet Jerusalem neighbourhood. Deep in a meditative state. Shrouded in Hebrew prayer shawls, with the words of the Torah wrapped directly on their arms. Facing the holy scrolls. Standing quietly, purposefully beneath the words, “Know before whom you stand.”

Last week, a group of pro-Palestinian students at McMaster University launched a sacrilegious campaign called “hug a terrorist.” It was a convoluted effort to build sympathy for the Palestinian cause. But they shall not receive sympathy for terrorism, especially not today. Not so soon after the massacre of five gentle and innocent souls in cold blood by two young Arab zealots who entered a sacred place of worship and, in the presence of God, unleashed the hatred and facile prejudice within their own hearts. A wanton lust for blood and honour brought to you on the nightly news.

But wait. Let’s “hug a terrorist,” say the McMaster students. Let’s make terrorism acceptable. Let’s make light of the true carnage and human misery...

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