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Friday, November 21, 2014

Ontario's Ministry of Education needs to step in, take over the Toronto District School Board, and start firing people

While I was running for TDSB Trustee, which I lost in a rather spectacular way, I was making it clear that given the chance, I'd do everything I could to get rid of TDSB Director Donna Quan.

And now this:

The former chair of the Toronto District School Board awarded a pay increase to its top-ranking staffer, ignoring an edict from Ontario’s Education Minister to freeze the salary of the education director.
Former TDSB chair Chris Bolton unilaterally negotiated the compensation package for education director Donna Quan, who is in a standoff with several trustees over her refusal to release her employment contract and answer questions on controversial payments and partnerships.


Matthew said...

Lots of heads need to roll at TDSB, but what we really need is a cultural change at the board. Even if we get rid of Quan and others, wouldn't their replacements be just as bad?

Richard K said...

Oh, I'd get rid of everyone above Superintendent and try to find a replacement from outside, in the Michelle Rhee mold.

But there are some good people in the TDSB. It's just that they're intimidated into silence by the current regime.