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Monday, January 30, 2017

A fascinating theory from the world of sports about Donald Trump’s first 7 days

That's an absolutely fascinating way to view the flurry of activity — executive orders, tweets and the rest — that have defined Trump's first nine days in office.

Trump's six executive orders in his first 10 days  as president are the most since World War II, according to Smart Politics. But it's not just the raw number. It's the subjects on which Trump has seen fit to exert his executive power. One EO set in motion the much-promised construction of a wall along our southern border. Another temporarily banned refugees from entering the U.S. and curtailed all visitors from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

What Trump is doing — under Jenkins's theory — is defining the landscape on which his presidency will play out. He's seeing how far he can stretch the system before it breaks and, thereby, setting the outer limits of what he can do very, very far out...
Scott Adams essentially has been saying the same thing. 

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