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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Facebook manipulates user posts to rig the game against Trump

This morning, I tried to embed a very funny tweet from Twitter wag Godfrey Elfwick about the Women's March.

This is the tweet:

However, when I tried to post it on facebook, the hashtag #womensmarch was identified by the facebook algorithm, and I was only allowed to select from a series of images below, none of which were of the tweet I was trying to embed, and all supportive of the histrionic anti-Trump protests yesterday.

Admittedly, the images facebook selected are less likely to kill your apetite than Godfrey's, but isn't that a choice we should be allowed to make for ourselves?

Silly me! I forgot, free choice is a classist privilege that is a product of the oppressive, hegemonic patriarchy. The only choice that should be allowed is #socialjustice, meaning facebook and the Women's March crazies' idea of social justice, and any other choice must be prevented.

Not only is the media biased against Trump, but in the case of facebook, it's trying to make its users appear biased against him as well.

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