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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Black Lives Matter group is dictating Toronto Public School policy and making schools less safe for staff and kids

The Toronto District School board (TDSB) exhaustive review of the popular cops in schools program was a complete “sham,” Toronto’s police union boss charged Tuesday.

“The outcome was already dictated,” says Mike McCormack, questioning what criteria TDSB officials actually used to recommend putting the School Resource Officer (SRO) program out to pasture.

The cowardly, largely union-backed, Toronto public school trustees had already put the program on hold at the end of August pending the so-called review.

“They are ignoring the overwhelmingly positive results from their own survey,” McCormack says.

He finds it “frightening” that the TDSB is willing to thrown solid evidence of the success of the program “down the tubes to fulfil an agenda.”
In fact, the review results — which will be discussed at a planning and priorities meeting Wednesday afternoon — show that 57% of the 15,500 students surveyed between mid-September and the end of October believed the presence of an SRO in their schools made them feel safer.

Another 60% of TDSB staff surveyed said the SRO makes their school a safer place and 70% want the program to carry on. Some 80% of parents with kids in schools that have an SRO felt the same way...

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