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Friday, April 4, 2014

And now, an appeal to the dignity of Toronto from Olivia Chow

The following letter forwarded to me by a reader and was sent out by Carrie's Mom Olivia Chow's Communications Director. Remember, Chow is the candidate who said she'll keep the subway tax increase, but won't deliver a subway.

She's the candidate appealing to the stupid, pathological insecurity of all those poor fools who walk around with their heads covered for the shame of living in a city where Rob Ford is mayor. They'd be better off taking the money they plan on giving Chow, along with the money they would have to pay for her massive tax hikes, and finding a good psychiatrist:

Was yesterday the final straw? What were there...3, 4 major stories on Rob Ford? His fumbles. His associates terrorizing neighbourhoods. Bill Clinton saying he's hurt Canada's image?

Enough’s enough! This embarrassment to Toronto has got to go. But if you want him to go, Toronto will have to elect Olivia Chow.

Olivia is the only candidate for mayor who’s willing to take Ford on. She’ll need your help. Make a $10 gift to her campaign. Click here to do it right now!(https://oliviachow.nationbuilder.com/donate?utm_campaign=byeford_prob&utm_medium=email&utm_source=oliviachow)

Think of your gift as part of the say goodbye to Rob fund. 

It’s time dignity was restored to city hall. With your help, Olivia will do just that.

Jamey Heath
Communications Director
Olivia Chow for Mayor

By the way, I'm not sure how Chow is going to manage the job of 'restoring dignity to City Hall' with all her low-life advocates for class warfare friends from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and other creepy, anti-capitalist, anti-western activists hanging around. But that's an issue I'll leave for Chow and Ford and John Tory to fight over among each other.


EnDeePee AllTheWay said...

I think that was rather unfair.

Think of all of Chow's contacts and all the people who can be put into important positions to revitalize the city.

Right off of the top of my head I can think of:
Sid Ryan for head of Finance;
John Clarke as head of Human Resources;
Judy Rebick for the Equity and Diversity office;
Adam Giambrone for Integrity Commissioner; and of course
Zafar Bangash for the city's Ombudsman!

Richard K said...

Actually, and in all seriousness, Adam Giambrone is a really decent guy. We all make mistakes and he paid very heavily for what I think was a pretty minor one.