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Monday, April 21, 2014

Stupid stuff people do in movies all the time but never do in real life

The trailer for Paul Haggis' new movie Third Person just came out, and I noticed a scene where Mila Kunis smashes a bunch of vases with flowers in them.

Which is the sort of thing that happens pretty often in movies.

Have you ever gotten mad and started smashing plates or vases or glasses in your own home?

Maybe this is some sort of common practice that I was just never exposed to, but I've never intentionally done that out of rage at something entirely unrelated to ceramics or glassware.

Because I know I'd get stuck with a big clean-up after if I were ever dumb enough to go on one of those rampages.

Am I the only one who, when they see this happen in a movie, thinks it's really stupid, or is this some fun way of expressing oneself that I'm missing out on?

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