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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meanwhile, the Iron Sheik has a strange obsession with Toronto mayor Rob Ford

After Rob Ford arm wrestled Hulk Hogan, the Iron Sheik must have figured this is an act he should get in on.

Someone needs to remind the Sheik that wrestling, like politics, is all rigged.

US Express vs Axis of Evil
In my one experience watching WWF wrestling live, at Maple Leaf Gardens in the 80's, I did see the Iron Sheik and his partner Nikolai Volkoff lose in a battle with the "US Express" (Mike Rotundo and Barry Wyndam). It was very entertaining. Also on the bill that day was the man who would later become governor of Minnestota, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, who, like the Sheik and Volkoff, was a 'bad guy' wrestler. Ventura wrestled some patsy whose name I can't recall and used his signature move of scraping his opponent's eyeballs along the top rope of the ring.

Good Times...


Skippy Stalin said...

The "strange obsession" seems to be reciprocal, since our star-fucking mayor is meeting him this afternoon, likely to exchange stories about being doomed crackheads.

Richard K said...

nope, Ford never accepted the Sheik's lunch invitation.

It was Olivia Say Ciao To Your Tax Dollars who decided to meet with and hold a press conference with the Sheik. Understandable, since the pair are about a match when it comes to cognitive dysfunction.