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Friday, April 4, 2014

Some careless Liberal handler let Justin Trudeau off his leash, and he pooed all over his party's credibility again

"I know certain elements of it were a security decision ... but I'm of the school of international relations that says its important to talk to each other and its especially important to talk to regimes that you disagree with and that disagree with you, and make sure that there is means of communication," Trudeau said March 21 in an interview with Salam Toronto — a Farsi-language newspaper for Canadians of Iranian heritage.
A pro-democracy activist who fled Iran says Trudeau's comments don't sit well with many in her community.
"If people like Justin Trudeau are going to promote dialogue, that's going to give the Islamic regime legitimacy and more power to oppress its people," Sayeh Hassan told QMI Agency Friday.
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird accused Trudeau of failing to understand why Canada cut off diplomatic relations with "state sponsors of terror" and get diplomats to safety.
"I regret that he didn't get the facts in that regard," said Baird.

Despite earlier denials about "differences" about Iran, it seems Trudeau is listening to his brother and senior policy adviser Alexandre, who partnered with Iran's state-controlled, Holocaust-denying, English-language service, PRESS TV, to produce a documentary that was effectively propaganda for the Islamic Republic, whitewashing their nuclear arms development program.

Justin Trudeau effectively pitted Canadian Jews against the rest of the population with his cynical, unlikely and unsubstantiated allegation that ""his [Harper’s] stance in matters regarding Israel or the United Nations is highly focused on what will affect his position in the ballots." "

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