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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh, look! Kathleen Wynne's found a new way to spend $85 million tax dollars

The most incompetent provincial government in Canada is now going to pay for test tube babies for everyone who wants one!
So-called single-embryo transfer has  been shown elsewhere to cut the number of twins, triplets and other multiples that result. Patients now usually have two or more embryos transferred to increase their chances of pregnancy.
“Supporting the safe use of modern IVF treatment will result in fewer high risk pregnancies – while at the same time helping thousands of Ontarians realize their dream of having their own family,” Ms. Matthews said in a statement.
Critics, though, say taxpayers will essentially be tackling a problem created by the for-profit fertility field, which is now holding governments “to ransom” — and call IVF funding a generally questionable allocation of scarce health dollars.

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The Hammer said...

Well it does appeal to her SWAG (Smug, White, Affluent Gentry) base.