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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Is Olivia Chow "all there"?

In response to a question on a Toronto Star live chat yesterday about how she'd be different than the failed Toronto mayor David Miller, the best response Olivia Chow was able to come with was that she's not male and not white.

In other words, Toronto would see a return to Miller's outrageous tax hikes, overspending and union control of city hall, but delivered by an Asian female. Great.

So far, all her her policies and answers to questions have been vague platitudes and nothing that seems particularly well thought-out. This just reopens the question of whether Olivia Chow is mentally up to the task of leading Canada's largest city.

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George said...

This woman has a few screws loose. Can't seem to stay on topic, resorts to ad hominem attacks, red herrings and, like one would expect from her Leftist background, is obsessed with identity politics and view everything through the lens of race and gender, rather than merit, reason and logic.