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Thursday, April 17, 2014

GenuineWitty gets results - TDSB cancels school protest with violent anarchists after exposure on blog

"Last Friday this site broke the story of how pupils at Toronto’s Student School planned to join a group of anarchists at their annual protest against Barrick Gold’s AGM. Led by American professional protester Sakura Saunders, the anti-Barrick protests are perfect example of how Toronto’s union affiliated activist community has evolved into a distasteful self-parody.
Many readers were alarmed to hear that a school in the Toronto District School Board had approved their students to engage in illegal activities (side-by-side with a convicted and imprisoned ringleader of the violence during the 2010 G20). That said, people who have been following the antics of the TDSB weren’t really surprised at all- our city’s school system has become highly politicised..."

More at GenuineWitty

h/t Socialist Studies


Anonymous said...


Now there needs to be a review of schools, principals and teachers who would try to take grade-school-aged students to protests.

With all the items I have been reading, the only thing that surprises me is that these extremists haven't brought in sex-trade workers into classes to give talks to let these children know about employment possibilities for career days.

Richard K said...

Oh, they were pretty much doing that too for a while and still have prostitution-advocates giving presentations at OISE