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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Olivia Chow tries to entice Hong Kong voters to elect her mayor of Toronto

Olivia Chow is desperate to win Toronto's upcoming mayoral race.

Her initial debate performance was an unmitigated disaster, and it's unlikely to get any better for her.

With incumbent mayor Rob Ford still polling very well, and as Torontonians get more and more unimpressed by Chow's scatterbrained answers to serious policy questions, she (or her advisers) have figured they'd better pull every trick they can.

So Chow is trying to entice people in Hong Kong who are eligible to vote in Toronto's election to vote for her.

I hope the returning officer takes a very close look at those ballots to make sure they are legitimate.

From the South China Morning Post:
Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow has urged tens of thousands of Torontonians living in Hong Kong to help end the "embarrassment" of having Rob Ford as leader of Canada's biggest city.
Chow, whose family migrated from Hong Kong to Canada when she was 13, told the South China Morning Post on Tuesday that Toronto residents living in Hong Kong shared the "sense of shame" that came from having a crack-smoking mayor.
So far, Chow seems unable to elucidate a good reason to vote for her other than "I don't think Rob Ford is a good role model for my grandkids." I agree, I don't want my grandchildren (should I have some in the distant future) to be like Rob Ford. But I'd still prefer Ford as mayor over someone like Chow, whose fiscal ineptitude is something those grandchildren of mine would likely still have to pay for if the NDP candidate were to get her fingers on the city's coffers.

Toronto voters should pay close attention to Chow -  her vague and incoherent answers, her frequently mangled syntax, and her over-emotive responses. Are these attributes of someone who is mentally up to the task of being mayor of a city of 2.5 million people?

Chow with Khomeinist hatemonger Zafar Bangash
Add to that Chow's close involvement with the public service unions and radical special interest groups, and it spells out a candidate who could easily be manipulated to serve their purposes. A Chow win would mean something worse than Toronto taxpayers saying caio to huge amounts of their earnings which she would scoop up in new taxes. It would effectively mean putting some of the sleaziest characters in Canada's political spectrum in charge of the country's largest city.

UPDATE: As if on cue to re-establish her cluelessness, Ms Chow has declared she doesn't think a downtown subway relief line should be an election issue because it's 17 years away. Does she think nothing would need to be done between now and  the construction of that line???

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Reader said...

My concerns are whether there might be any abuses by the workers of any of the candidates in going to seniors homes or community centres to get proxies to vote on behalf of voters particularly those voters who are not English-speaking or who are suffering from senile dementia.