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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bonehead bigots distribute racist anti-immigration flyer in Brampton

There are serious, legitimate concerns about the amount and type of immigration to Canada. More than half of all immigrants who come to Canada settle in three cities, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, which has led to overcrowding and unmanageable congestion, particularly in Ontario's capitol, which takes in the most newcomers of the three. There is a clear need to coordinate immigration strategies between federal, provincial and municipal governments to ensure that those willing to live in less dense areas are prioritized.

There is also a need to reexamine the failed experiment of Canadian multiculturalism which encourages immigrants to not adapt to their new home. But just as there are concerns about some immigrant groups who expect Canada to bend to their culture, immigrants from all over the world have come and improved this country by integrating and contributing their expertise and industriousness.

Immigrants from China and the Sikh community, the latter of which were the target of a racist anti-immigration flyer in Brampton this week, are among the many who have added enormous value to Canada. But for those in the immigration advocacy industry, any question or critique about immigration policy is a catalyst for their mindless accusations of racism, despite race being completely immaterial to any responsible proposal for immigration reform.

But in the case of this Brampton incident, the deplorable bigots who distributed the flyer are obviously racist idiots who deserve nothing but condemnation and contempt. The group Immigration Watch Canada could not have made themselves more clear with their recent statement in which it appears that they are proud of their ignorance and stupidity:
The people offended by an anti-immigration flyer making waves in Brampton, Ont., this week are most likely "cowards and quislings," according to a spokesman for the group responsible for the pamphlet.
Immigration Watch Canada claimed responsibility for the flyer, which took umbrage with the prevalence of Sikh immigrants in the Toronto suburb.  Hundreds of flyers were printed and distributed in the community by group members, the group said.

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