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Friday, April 4, 2014

Mitch Wolfe: Ford Is Rapidly Taking Over Chow Country

I disagree with Mitch about one thing. For those who have seen her in action, Olivia Chow's poor debate performance came as no surprise at all:
...Clearly, Ford benefited from the first debate. Chow's surprisingly weak performance, hurt her. 
Effectively, both Ford and Chow are tied.
We had noticed indications of Ford support in downtown Toronto in a previous informal survey of young Toronto residents. Even prior to the official launching of the Ford, Tory and Chow mayoral campaigns.
Since the first debate, the indications are even stronger that Ford is cutting into Chow Country.
The reasons are obvious.
I believe that Ford is clearly drawing support from midtown and downtown Toronto residents who are pro-business, pro-development, low property taxes, pro-Porter Air, pro-subways and pro-garbage privatization. 
Chow, according to her own platform and her public statements, is on the opposite side of all these issues...
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