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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Olivia Chow appeals to her natural constituency - the obsessive moron vote

The campaign ad produced by Olivia Chow's team features a weird, obsessive woman who claims to have not received a return call from Toronto mayor Rob Ford after phoning him 20 times.

The woman in Chow's ad adds that she has Rob Ford on speed dial.


Because she had to wait for public transit.

I hope she has the number of a good psychiatrist on speed dial too.

Olivia Chow's laughable, pathetic campaign still hasn't been able to come up with a single credible reason to vote for her.

Chow's entire effort is devoted to running down Ford, who has accomplished more in one term as Mayor, like eliminating the Vehicle Registration Tax and privatizing half the city's garbage pick-up, than Olivia Chow has in her more than 20 useless years as a politician sucking off the public teat.

UPDATE: The ad backfires on Chow -This idiotic ad attracted so much derision and so many negative YouTube comments that the Chow campaign had to disable and remove user comments. Ha!


The Hammer said...

LOL, comments have not been disabled for that video on YouTube. Could be fun.

Anonymous said...

You should be calling Karen Stintz..She does nothing like Olivia Chow.....Karen is the head of the TTC...and too busy to be concerned about TTC...or people like you...Rob Ford is a busy guy... He cannot do everything....By the way, I have sent emails to Karen Stintz, she never returns them and is quite nasty....to taxpayers..Not a friendly office....

Anonymous said...

If this falsehood of a video is the best Chow's handlers can do, it seriously makes me wonder if someone isn't being paid to sabotage her campaign! I've seen more accurate campaigns at schools with teenagers running for class president.

Anonymous said...

you guys are idiots. You've missed the point entirely. This is in response to Ford's common claim that he "returns every phone call", even when he's being asked about smoking crack, why he lies to Torontonians all the time, etc. Very often, he tries to justify his actions by saying "I return every phone call" and now there's proof he he doesn't.

Leave it to Ford Nation to not understand the point though. lol

Richard K said...

No, we got the point, you anonymous half-wit. But it's no surprise that someone moronic enough to want Chow to be the Chief Magistrate doesn't appreciate the absolute stupidity of her ad.

Rather than find someone with a legitimate issue who called Ford and didn't get a return call (I guess Chow's 'brain trust' couldn't find someone in that category) they put some weird obsessive woman (or an actress portraying one) who claims that she is in essence stalking Ford and upset he's not calling her back.

20 calls to the mayor because her subway was delayed? Sounds like the kind of help she needs isn't something Rob Ford can provide. Anyone idiot enough not to understand that is probably idiot enough to vote for Chow and her high-tax, no-actual-policy agenda.

Anonymous said...

I see on the youtube video it now reads, "Comments are disabled for this video."

But why wouldn't we want to vote for a candidate who gives her qualifications as "not male" and "not white" and who in her original chosen profession of sculptor is mediocre at best?

Robert said...

Anonymous said...:you guys are idiots. You've missed the point entirely."

Umm, no, we haven't. Ford is known for helping others with issues such as ceiling leaks in low-cost housing. Why would you call the mayor when we have not only a TTC Chairman, but TTC customer people to complain to?

I'll bet you are one of those "I'm offended because a 75-year-old barber who only cuts mens' hair refuses to cut mine, and an a one-armed lesbian of colour with a speech impediment, I will take him to the Human Rights Tribunal, instead of going to get a haircut someplace else!"