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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The List Toronto Should Fear

You know how Rob Ford pushed for privatized garbage pick-up west of Yonge Street, and it's saving millions and providing better service? Or do you like that he got a contract with the city's unions that didn't add billions to expenditures? Or that property taxes are being kept to within the inflation rate?

Well kiss all that goodbye if these clowns get their fingers back on the steering wheel. The list of union-endorsed candidates in the upcoming Toronto municipal election:


Observer said...

At least this list cuts down the number of people we should be trying to defeat by 57.7%.

But how you fight the thousands of campaign workers the unions will provide to these 19 candidates will take a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

Great, the who's who of the comnunist . errrr i mean NDP party.


Neil Flagg said...

Local politics is a cesspool of contracting corruption. School board, same thing. Thanks for informing, Richard.