Friday, May 23, 2014

Canadian al Qaida terrorist Omar Khadr sued for $50 million by his victims

Since convicted terrorist Omar Khadr is suing the Canadian government for $20 million, should he ever be awarded anything, I won't feel so bad if he never sees a cent of it and it's all transferred to the family of the man he murdered and the other that he maimed for life.
TORONTO — A U.S. soldier who lost an eye in Afghanistan and the wife of a late army medic are suing Omar Khadr for at least US$44.7-million, alleging in a court document the Canadian’s “unlawful conduct” cause both men’s wounds.

The case was filed in U.S. District Court in Utah on Thursday by Sgt. Layne Morris and Tabitha Speer, whose husband Sgt. Christopher Speer, was fatally injured during the capture of Khadr, son of Canadian Al-Qaeda figure Ahmed Khadr.

Mr. Morris and Mrs. Speer have already won a large court judgment against the father, who was killed by Pakistani military forces in 2003, but their lawyer said they felt it was time to seek redress against the younger Khadr.

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David said...

We should all sue Omar to recoup the money he gets from the government when he's released from prison for being a terrorist from a terrorist family!