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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Slimy radical leftist rabble.ca attacks Stephen Harper because Canada is criticized by the foundation arm of a company that used slave labour in Nazi Germany

Just about any time some cretinous radical leftist in Canada wants to source some heavily biased source or outright crackpot to prove a point, they'll preface who they're talking about with adjectives like "distinguished" or "respected" as if that establishes their credentials beyond reproach.

So when someone or thing is "respected" by the antisemitic, neo-Marxist online rag rabble.ca, red flags should go up.

Today, the union-financed rabble's Ottawa correspondent Karl Nerenberg bitches that:
The Harper government must be getting used to negative report cards from respected international bodies.
The latest comes from the Bertelsmann Foundation, based in Germany.
It says that "a strong case can be made that the quality of governance provided by the government of Canada deteriorated" since Harper got his majority in 2011.   
So what is the Bertelsman Foundation that the creeps at rabble "respect?" It's both the foundation arm and majority owner of a multibillion dollar media conglomerate which, during the Nazi era, published Nazi propaganda and used Jews as slave labor.

Now the Bertelman Foundation honors people like the elderly billionaire George Soros, who has had his own controversy regarding Nazi collaboration. Soros is a currency speculator, which is the personification of the worst aspects of capitalism, and who uses his vast fortune to fund radical socialists who promote ideas which, if successful would help destabilize western democracies. Well, what better way to get the edge on the currency speculation game?

If these are the people condemning Canada's government, then Canada must be doing a lot right.


DCD said...

Rich - currency speculaiton is no worse than oil speculation or grain speculation. Soros may be evil, but not because he is a currency speculatory. Though many people don't get this (left and right) speculators performa a vital function in markets.

Richard K said...

Maybe, but gambling on the misfortune of others while producing nothing is about as bad an advertisement for capitalism as it gets as far as I'm concerned.

DCD said...

How is currency speculation "gambling on the misfortune of others?" A currency moves one way, it helps one set of interests, hurts another. Speculators (whether they are in wheat, currency, or stocks and bonds) are key components of capitalism - they provide essential price disovery, take on risk and help establish appropriate equilibria. Currency speculators are your friends!

Richard K said...

I'd be willing to bet that if they weren't around, the world wouldn't be an iota worse off. The kind of speculating done by Soros is self-serving and extremley damaging to economies and the people who need them to survive.