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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nigel vs the Lunatic Mainstream

Today Britain goes to the polls to vote in the European elections. Nigel Farage has had a rough ride, to the point where a casual observer might easily assume the election was being fought between Farage's UKIP and a Tory-Labour-Liberal-Media coalition. That's apparently not the case. There are four main choices for voters, notwithstanding the media's wish to make it a referendum on Farage's "racism". According to some of the public polling, that may have done some last-minute damage. According to the internal polling,maybe not:
Labour and Conservative polling is showing that attacks claiming Nigel Farage is a racist have backfired since voters do not regard him as such and see the assaults as a sign members of the political establishment are ganging up to undermine him.
Well, we'll see. Farage himself is sounding a bit more safe and minder-operated than usual, as if conscious that one "gotcha!" soundbite could blow it. Then again, the three "mainstream" Westminster parties sound less and less as if they represent anybody real, other than various factions of an inbred metropolitan tribe.
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