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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"I bought my degree, now I want my job!"

As a co-founder of a tech firm, our company employed the best people we could get in the field from nationalities and backgrounds that reflected the world's diversity. Our only criterion was whether or not the employee had the technical skills to do the job.

I remember having a laugh at the time when I saw a University of Toronto Woman's Studies professor claim in a TV interview that her students weren't getting good jobs "because of racism and sexism."  The U of T professor obviously couldn't comprehend that her students weren't getting good jobs because their degrees were in Women's Studies.

The discussion in the video below about 'grade inflation' is quite accurate. I briefly dated a U of Toronto Law professor a number of years ago and back then, she talked about how she was afraid of how her students rated her, as the university considered that in their evaluation of professors. To maintain that favorable student rating, she would make things easier for them. Long gone are the "Paper Chase" days when it was the students who feared the professors.

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Socialist Womyn Unite said...

I came tops in my classes to get my BA, MA and now PhD in Feminist Studies yet no Canadian bank will hire me for any executive position.

That is proof that there is misogyny and discrimination against all womyn by the fascist Canadian banks.

With my degrees I should be getting at least $100,000 a year but these banks are nothing but haters.

There needs to be quotas for womyn in their Boards of Directors as Kathleen Wynne had promised to legislate and in their executive suites! She promised that legislation months ago but never introduced it. These positions are owed to us!

Richard K said...

You should have filed a Human Rights Commission complaint against the sexist, capitalist bank.

The requirement for knowledge and qualifications is just another form of neo-liberal oppression.