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Monday, May 26, 2014

In the "I told you so" file: 'Toxic' Marine Le Pen blamed for Geert Wilders defeat in Netherlands

France has its own special set of conditions, including a massive problem with its inability to integrate an ever-growing Muslim population, which has created enclaves around Paris in which even the police are afraid to enter.  The French government's inability to deal with that ongoing issue, and certain historical sympathies for ultra-conservative extremism in France has created a regrettable but understandable backlash resulting in the growing popularity of the reprehensible far-right in that country.
But not all of Europe is in the same condition as France and while the public is seeking a more prudent and conservative policy outlook, the racist far-right is not the solution that the public in places like the Netherlands want as an alternative. So as I predicted, Dutch Freedom Party's Geert Wilders' alliance with the racist National Front in France was a catastrophe for him and his political movement.
A disastrous European Union election vote for the Dutch far-Right has been blamed on a "toxic" Marine Le Pen and is seen as vindication of Nigel Farage's refusal to work with the French Front National.
The result is a blow to Miss Le Pen and will be widely seen as the consequence of her failure to break from the Front National's extremist past, a legacy embodied by her father Jean-Marie who remains an MEP and honorary president of the party.
His close alliance with Miss Le Pen is seen as the key factor in the unexpected defeat of Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party (PVV) on Thursday night after Dutch exit polls put him in fourth place behind all the pro-EU Dutch political parties.

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