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Friday, May 9, 2014

Turkish Dating Show Contestant Killed 2 Women And Now He's Looking For Love

"I'm an honest person looking for a new wife," 62-year-old Sefer Calinak said on Flash TV's "Luck of the Draw," according to Reuters.
Wearing a name tag that said "SEFER" surrounded by little hearts, Calinak calmly described the two killings that sent him to prison twice, to the disbelief of the host and other contestants.
h/t Skippy Stalin


Unknown said...

This is why women prefer some mystery in a man. They obviously can't handle the truth.

If nothing else, the hearts around his name suggests to me that his problem is that he loves too much.

Richard K said...

I can't say I'm generally in favor of spouseicide, but you almost have to admire the guy's optimism and sticktoitiveness. But this match would never work, the age difference and all. She'd probably end up having an affair and I guess we know what would be next in that narrative...