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Sunday, May 11, 2014

In which I find myself in agreement with the Grand Ayatollah of Iran

He's right about this, of course. When being told what to do by a completely ineffectual President of the United States and with NATO appointing a Norwegian jellyfish to be its next General Secretary, why should Iran's bloodthirsty fascists  pay any attention to them?
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that Western expectations for the Islamic Republic to limit its missile program were "stupid and idiotic".

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Unknown said...

They didn't pay much attention to the Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush administrations, either, so I'm not entirely sure what has changed.

The Iranians, quite reasonably, decided some time ago that a weapons program was in their national strategic interest.

It seems self-evident that bellicose threats of war do nothing to disabuse of that conclusion. Rather, it would likely confirm it.

Exactly three countries willingly gave up nuclear programs.

Post-apartheid gave up its weapons as a result of a change in its system of government , although it thought to maintain breakout capability.

Brazil could no longer afford it, and tensions with Argentina eased as both countries moved from military rule.

Libya is the only nation in human history to abandon a program as a result of external pressure. What subsequently happened to the government that did so is hardly a positive example for others to follow.

So what motivation does Tehran have to do what we want, regardless of who runs he United States and NATO?