Monday, May 12, 2014

Stephen Lewis attempts comedy: says most ineffective, corrupt organization on Earth should solve Boko Haram kidnappings

After mounting publicity and pressure, some individual countries, Canada among them, are sending equipment and personnel to aid Nigeria in the tracking down of over 275 school girls kidnapped by the Islamic separatist group Boko Haram. But the cognitive dissonance among the westerners who continue to push for the United Nations as a means to solve problems is remarkable. Even as he bemoans how the UN is failing in its duty to act, Canadian socialist icon Stephen Lewis sees that useless organization as a savior. Frankly, I'd have a lot more confidence if Inspector Clouseau was on the case.

That would be the same United Nations that has some of the world's worst human rights abusers on its "Human Rights Council," which routinely appoints mentally unbalanced bigots and totalitarians as its 'rapporteurs' and investigators.

Good luck with getting that collection of cartoon villains,  the UN's Organization of Islamic Cooperation bloc, to cooperate with punishing those Islamic terrorists, Stephen.


Skippy Stalin said...

I guess the #BringBackOurGirls thing doesn't hurt anybody in the short-term, so it isn't really dangerous. But it is sensationally short-sighted.

Even if we were serious about this, which we really aren't, no one seems to have really thought it through. Groups like Boko Haram are symptoms of collapsing societies and civil wars, not their direct cause. They also aren't famous for respecting international borders, so are we supposed to chase groups like this through Africa for eternity?

If we (meaning the West generally) had the military capability to address this, which is an open question, the political will would evaporate overnight. If insurgent groups have learned anything from Iraq and Afghanistan, it's that there's two ways to fight the West: asymmetrically and stupidly.

You can't bomb Boko Haram without killing the girls you're trying to save, so we'd be using ground troops, and my guess is lots of them. Remember, Somalia in 1993 was a worthy mission with broad support, too. But all it took was Black Hawk Down for everything to disintegrate.

Insurgents like these may be inhuman and psychotic, but they aren't stupid. They know, possibly even better than we do, that we aren't willing to send our sons and daughters off to be killed for our hashtags.

Worse, if we go in and fail, which is a distinct possibility, we make things immeasurably worse, in that you reaffirm the idea that they can humiliate the West without consequence, which emboldens them to further undermine their own societies. And there are few things that Islamist groups want more than for us to give them the predicate to do just that.

We just got it through our heads that fighting ground wars in Asia is a bad idea. Perhaps we'd do well to think it through before testing the same lesson in Africa. If nothing else, we should do everything we can to avoid making things worse.

Anonymous said...

Given the track record of the UNs current roster of "peace keepers" for rape and abuse, the taken girls might be in safer hands with the terrorists than the UN saviours.

gama said...

Who should deal a final blow to Boko haram ?
It’s high time that OIC {Organization of the Islamic Conference } , a juggernaut of 56 Islamic states, with well oiled militaries, spend treasure and spill blood to eradicate the savagery in their backyards .
OIC claims to preserve Islamic social, ideological and economic values, promoting solidarity amongst member states, then certainly OIC would execute a mission to eradicate pure evil with Islamic sensibility!
For the west to wander in another Islamic quagmire only to suffer the wrath of righteous indignation for the desecration of Muslim values , such predictable indignant effrontery shouldn't be ours to endure any longer, let Islam deal with it's radicalism .
Let OIC { looking at you oil rich Arab states } bear its crescent and police its Islamic states !