Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ontario Liberals announce election platform of things they could have easily done before now

From the jokey Beaverton News:

THUNDER BAY, ON - At a campaign stop on Sunday the provincial Liberal party announced what they would do if elected to govern Ontario for the next few years, pretty much all of which they could have done during their last 11 years in power.
“I am proud to reveal the policies that our party will put in place if elected,” said Premier Kathleen Wynne. “We believe these policies are crucial to the prosperity and security of Ontario, but are also not important enough to have done anytime in the last decade.”
The plan includes a cap on hospital parking fees, investment for crumbling transit lines and a plan to trim the provincial debt, “all of which only became problems since the election was called in April. “

h/t Carolyn Z

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