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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stuff like this just proves UKIP's point about how the EU is a disaster

This is a real commercial produced in Denmark to promote participation in the upcoming European Parliamentary election. (In case you were wondering, I have no problem with the commercial, which I think is funny. I have a problem with a bureaucratic body which, as the commercial points out, can tell countries how much cinnamon they are allowed to put on cinnamon buns.)

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George said...

Promoting voting is flat out, well, irresponsible, sorry had to say it.

If you have to be sweet-talked and persuaded to vote, then you probably aren't well-informed, and would be casting your ballot based on very flimsy grounds, no substantive policy matters (aside from those pushed by the lamestream media of course) and personality/likeability.

It's a little convenient that all the vote promotional efforts are aimed at young college aged kids (i.e. technically adults, but immature children in effect), who tend to be easily swayed by libtard fads. No libtards are campaigning to get old people to vote, as they tend to vote more conservatively.