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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

U of Toronto student union moves ahead with harrowingly stupid equity plan

U of T Student Union President establishes his credentials as a moron

...The UTSU has long been criticized for employing bullying tactics against dissenters, for endorsing polarizing campaigns on behalf of the entire student body and most egregiously, for running fraudulent elections. Indeed, it received two formal complaints about its controversial recent elections; complaints it dispassionately dismissed at last week’s meeting at the same time it pushed ahead with its council restructuring proposal.
Not coincidently, many of UTSU’s prevailing critics have come from the Faculty of Engineering and Victoria and Trinity colleges, among others, which would lose their representation on student council if UTSU adopts a board of “marginalized groups.” In essence, the student union is silencing criticism on council by eliminating the detractors’ positions. It’s no different than if Toronto Mayor Rob Ford sought to eliminate ward representatives on Toronto City Council and instead introduce a new councillor from Steak Queen (where he likes to hang out between stupors) or some guy he met in his sister’s basement. The entire plan is anti-democratic, nakedly self-serving and completely indefensible...

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