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Friday, May 30, 2014

Interview: The Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of Canadian institutions

The author of a recent report on the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of Canadian institutions is interviewed by Brain Lilley.

This interview is important to watch. The Brotherhood is present on every major university campus in North America through the Muslim Student Association, which is its North American student arm. A number of MSA student leaders have gone off to become wanted (and drone-killed) terrorists.

Tom Quiggan, the author's report, notes that while countries like Canada and Australia are leading in recognizing and pushing back against Muslim Brotherhood, the US under the Obama administration has become more slack.

Another notable aspect of the interview was Mr. Quiggan's speculation that the defamation suit that the National Council of Canadian Muslims have brought against the Prime Minister's Office in Canada for referring to it as a group "with documented ties to a terrorist organization such as Hamas" will never see the light of day.  In Quiggan's opinion, the ties between the NCCM and Hamas' parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, are very obvious.

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