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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to the scene of the crime: Anti-Semitic thesis author holding anti-Ford seminar at OISE

Remember Jenny Peto, the author of an anti-Jewish thesis that alleged Holocaust education programs are part of an evil Zionist conspiracy and, without a shred of empirical evidence, claimed that mainstream Jews are racists?

Well that "scholar" was awarded an MA by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education's vapid Sociology and Equity Studies in Education program for her bigoted screed. Her entire primary research consisted of visiting two websites. And speaking of websites, Ms Peto is the owner of the website that she hopes will take down Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

So where better to hold a seminar on how to do that then at her alma mater, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education;  and why is OISE hosting such an event you may ask?

I wouldn't be surprised, given the standards at that institution, that a undergraduate degree would be bestowed on anyone who attends until lunch time. I think there's an OISE credit course in successfully eating lunch (Lunch Equity Studies) . OISE is demonstrating less, if any,  concern about education than it aspires to be the hub of neo-Marxist radicalism in Canada while enticing activist students with the promise of easy degrees.

Someone remind me why tax dollars are going into that poisonous hole?

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