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Monday, November 7, 2011

Who really benefits from the "Occupy" movement in Canada?

Bedraggled protesters ranging from a couple dozen to a couple hundred, have created grotesque, squalid parodies of civilization in the hearts of a few of Canada's major cities and refer to themselves as an "Occupy Movement."  While these mostly incoherent malcontents with an extensive laundry list of personal grievances are only a miniscule percentage of Canada's population, they claim to represent "the people." If that claim sounds familiar, it's because you've heard it historically from every politburo in every totalitarian Marxist regime.

Among the many logical inconsistencies and paradoxes voiced by The Occupation is their disdain for our government while at the same time calling for more regulation, the imposition of  more taxes, and the provision of more public services that could only be achieved by the expansion of government.

That too may sound familiar. Who is it that we know who are continually at loggerheads with the government, yet whose survival depends on an ever growing bureaucracy and more intrusiveness of the public sector into private lives?

The leadership of Public Sector unions rely on their funding from the growth of their membership and the entrenchment of administrative inertia. The equation is simple, the more civil service jobs, the more union dues to go to funding the political projects and perks of the union bosses. Be it funding for radical activists giving tacit support to the terrorists of Hamas, as the Canadian Union of Postal Workers did with its support of the Canadian Gaza Boat (The Sea Hitler), or the Canadian Union of Public Employees sending its leaders on junkets to show solidarity with the Cuban Revolution of Fidel Castro, or cash for pro-Marxist media outlets like rabble.ca as is provided by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), the dues paid by public servants are being siphoned off by union bosses to promote their own anti-capitalist vision.

That's why these same public service unions are actively taking union funds to promote, support and keep The Occupation going for as long as it can. That's why, whenever the tiny band of Occupiers decide to take a jaunt to City Hall for a mobile protest, though their numbers remain relatively tiny, they are swelled by union flag waving public sector drones. In fact, without union support, like OPSEU's provision of porta-potties and meals to Occupy Toronto, some of these downtown squats would have decamped a long time ago.

In the end, the physical damage and policing expenses which are incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars of costs, that will have to be covered by the taxpayers, are happening because your public sector unions wanted it. In that sense, even if, as is likely, they accomplish nothing politically from the Occupy Movement, the dues they'll collect from the overtime paid to public employees who will have to clean up the mess made by the urban campers will justify the unions' financial investment, even if there is no moral justification.

OPSEU-produced video showing their support for Occupy Toronto:

UPDATE (Nov 8): AS if to confirm this post, as the mayor of London, Ontario gives Occupiers a deadline, Syd Ryan and organized labour rush to intervene, and protect their agenda

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