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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Today's Top 10: You're probably an idiot if...

10.  You think Naomi Klein is brilliant

9.   You think the Occupy Movement's message will affect real global change

8.   You think the Occupy Movement had a message

7.   You have a home subscription to The Toronto Star

6.   You think the Arab Spring has brought social justice and democracy to the Arab middle east

5.   You think Canada needs an Arab Spring

4.   You want to ban Jews from teaching in schools but call other people "Nazis"

3.   You're still fighting for abortion rights more than two decades after that battle has been won.

2.   You're still fighting against the Viet Nam War more than three decades after that war ended.

1.   You're married to Naomi Klein.


Anonymous said...

Here's my response to #5:


chowdog714 said...

The only thing I can truly lay claim to is being the originator of the question,who is Naomi Klein?

Richard K said...

The fewer people who know the answer to that question, Chowdog, the better.

Richard K said...

Good one, FV!

Anonymous said...

The Gentile here,

Great line up. And I just happened to put Peter Kent in Bed with Klein for both having the same policy on Global Warming.