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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Canadian Sea Hitler boat makes new attempt to break Israel's arms embargo of Gaza

The Sea Hitler, the boat purchased by a group of Canadian radicals and crewed by fanatics including buffoonish University of Western Ontario French teacher David Heap, is making a new stab at trying to break Israel's blockade of Gaza.

Dubbed "The Tahrir" by its crew, the Sea Hitler made international headlines after its last attempt to violate the Gaza blockade was stymied by Greek authorities, who refused to allow it to sail out of Greek waters. Heap has accused Israel of "state piracy" demonstrating that the University of Western Ontario employs teachers who do not understand the meaning of some of the words that they use.

This time the boat along with an Irish yacht, has left from Turkey, whose Islamist government has severely strained relations with Israel. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has even threatened to send naval vessels to accompany future flotillas to Gaza, but does not seem to have made good on his threat on this occasion.

Iran has attempted to use sea routes to smuggle weaponry to its proxy Hamas in Gaza and Israel has said it will intercept any vessel attempting to violate the blockade.

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