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Monday, June 11, 2012

If you ever doubted the Toronto District School Board was run by communist fools..

Take a look at this:

they are celebrating the totalitarian mass murderer Che Guevara 

TDSB Hagiography Ernesto Che Guevara


Anonymous said...

Way to go TO School Board. Let kids know they can think outside the box and question authority. Never accept the status quo, kids!!!!
No, this is not sarcasm. I don't want a society of sheep.

Richard K said...

Well seeing as Che slaughtered innocent people like sheep and then helped create a society in Cuba that kills anyone who doesn't offer mindless obedience to the Communist dictator, you might be sorely disappointed.

I wish it were surprising how many people in our society are stupid enough to worship a mass murderer and totalitarian like Che Guevara, but it's no shock at all.

Anonymous said...

His vision wasn't quite carried out as he saw it. He left for a reason. I feel bad for those who think things always have to be as they are. I suppose you wouldn't consider he who sits in Ottawa a dictator.
Che's passion is to be admired whether you agree with him or not.
You're not going to change my mind and your insults are simply childish and show a lack of intelligent things to say on your part. With a page like this, one would think you'd be open to healthy debate. Have fun pleasing The Man.

Anonymous said...

Big surprise you didn't post my last comments. You blog is a joke

Richard K said...

Well, I'm glad you're laughing. By the way, I do have other things to do than monitor the comments that come into the blog, so sometimes they take a while to go up, but I only censor libel and spam.

And no, only an imbecile would consider Harper a dictator for obvious reasons - he was elected democratically in a free and fair election and he has to obey the rule of law,which is decided upon by an independent judiciary system. And he is not going to hold on to power if he loses an election, something that Fidel Castro never had to face.

No, I don't have to admire Guevara's sadistic passion any more than I have to admire it in Joseph Stalin or Pol Pot.

And don't worry, I would never attempt to change your mind - that would require the assumption you have one to begin with.

If you're disappointed in the tone of my response, you might consider something other than the preposterous, unintelligent comments you left in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Why do you even have a blog.

Richard K said...

To rile up pathetic idiots like you