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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Toronto is governed by a City Council comprised mainly of idiots

Toronto City Council just voted to ban plastic bags for single use i.e. the ones you get at grocery stores. This silly motion was carried by a combination of left wing and mushy middle councilors However the motion was so poorly crafted, Council can't figure out whether the wording allows them to continue imposing the current 5 cent plastic bag tax until the ban takes effect next year.

Council also has no idea whether they have the legal authority to impose such a prohibition. Councillor Minnan-Wong proposed a motion that the City Solicitor offer a legal opinion as to whether the ban is allowable. That simple, rather obvious necessity did not get enough votes from the geniuses running Toronto to pass. 

Council Speaker Nunziata warned that the ban is going to face an expensive legal challenge but what do our idiot Councilors care? They have no problem spending loads of your money on their half-baked ideas.

The behavior of Toronto's municipal councilors, mainly ones from the downtown wards is shocking. Many of them behave like spoiled, petulant, stupid children.

You can watch Toronto Council in session at this link, but do so at your own risk. Witnessing the how these facile simpletons make decisions that affects everyone who lives in the city is a heartbreaking sight that can shatter your faith in government.

What it means is that all of us have to get more involved in our democracy.

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