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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is this the apology and confession the nitwits at the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council wanted?

I'm guessing it isn't.

Does Canada need an unaccountable body of censors telling us what we can watch and hear?

Background on the story of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) complaint and ruling against Ezra Levant is in the video at the bottom of the post. The complaint was made by originally by a David Climenhaga, an obtuse writer for the union financed, fanatical neo-Marxist propaganda organ rabble.ca, a genius who has written that "there can be no doubt that there is a connection between the North American right's increasing invocation of the language of violence and the actual use of violence."

So perhaps his complaint was motivated by the earnest fear that Ezra Levant and Charles Adler were going to home invade a Chiquita Banana executive's home and force him to have incestuous sex with his mother.

After all, the terrible urban violence in Detroit and Los Angeles that has been going on for decades, but is actually decreasing lately must have something to do with the "right's" use of language. And those Occupy movement imbeciles who assaulted and raped each other were undoubtedly driven to their uncontrollable psychological limits by something Rush Limbaugh said, no doubt.

The great brain of Climenhaga also came up with this gem, that "our own right-wing derives all its political ideas, strategy and style from the United States."  

And his conclusive proof being a link to the facebook page for The Tea Party of Canada which has less than 1500 members, none of whom is a prominent conservative. Come to think of it, perhaps, as his writing suggests, Mr. Climenhaga just isn't a very smart person. ( Although that would still make him above average compared to other rabble.ca writers, many of whom fit the dictionary definition of moron.)

In his latest blathering stream of consciousness on rabble, he crows about how the CBSC's censorious attack against Levant is "a victory for civility in Canadian political discourse."

Let's see what civility means to this dolt..he has written that conservative academics at the University of Calgary are a " group of right-wing ideologues and propagandists," and that Conservative pundit Ann Coulter is an  "offensive hate-mongering American proponent of the murder of her political opponents."  Climenhaga seems to harbor a special hatred for Conrad Black, whom he has described as a "right-wing drivelist" and an "international neo-Con blowhard."  Climenhaga also alluded to Immigration and Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney as a  "jumped-up little twerp of a citizenship minister."

Now there's civility for you!

Climenhaga has every right to his opinions, and in fact it's a good thing he expresses them, as they make him look a far greater fool than any of his intended targets. But for him to whine and complain like a sulky, stupid brat about the "lack of civility in Canadian political discourse" when he is one of the least civil writers in Canada demonstrates both a dearth of intellect and a new height of hypocrisy. Of course, if he wasn't a hypocrite, he probably wouldn't be allowed a regular column in rabble.ca

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