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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rabble.ca: Canada's regressives who want to censor you

The ridiculous website rabble.ca is a favorite target of this blog for a variety of reasons, and not just because its writers are so radical, vapid, and histrionic that they make easy subjects for mockery (although that certainly is the case).

But the site itself is, in one place, the manifestation of a destructive, stupid and hateful strain in Canadian politics and social engineering policy that has influential support in parliament, organized labor and the media.

Rabble was founded by anti-Conservative fanatic Judy Rebick. Rebick started her public life as a feminist activist in the long gone days when lascivious curiosity seekers would attend rallies in the hopes of seeing a flash of skin through the orange flames of a bra-burning. Now many decades later with all the feminist battles won, Rebick and her cohorts still leech onto any number of far-fetched grievances, like the vapid Occupy movement, in the hope of regaining long-lost relevance.

These unions and radical organizations keep rabble.ca afloat
Lately, it is to one Kim Elliott, the same-sex partner/spouse of NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies, to whom the reins of rabble.ca have been passed. The website is financed almost entirely by Labor Unions and NDP- linked advocacy organizations like the Council of Canadians and the Centre for Policy Alternatives. So it is no surprise to find that all rabble's articles essentially act as advocacy pieces for them. In fact, in their online discussion forum, called babble, users can and do get barred for making anti-union (or  pro-Conservative, Republican and Israel) comments. Rabble is not influential outside of its narrow circle, but it is indicative of the thinking of the neo-Marxist elements in Canadian political, academic and other spheres..

Under the guise of being crusaders for progressive politics, rabble pushes backwards policies that are more reflective of Soviet statism than liberal democratic values.

Indicative of the regressive attitudes they would impose on the whole of the Canadian public are three articles published in rabble last Tuesday.

One comes under the very telling title, Why progressives want to turn the clock back.  It was written by rabble.ca columnist and Board of Directors member Duncan Cameron. Naturally,  the era to which progressives want us all to regress is to the socialist paradise of Pierre Trudeau in which government grasped at more and more domination of every segment of society and culture. Trudeau had the wisdom to pronounce that `government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.` Regrettably, that was the only place Trudeau felt that government shouldn`t be able to dominate every aspect of people`s lives.

It would obviously be wishful thinking to expect the failures of EuroSocialism like Increased taxation, spending and deficits,  government control of commerce and industry to have taught anything to people so ideologically indoctrinated that they still have faith that Karl Marx will someday be recognized as the enlightened savior of mankind. Instead, they want a return in Canada to the type of policies that have sent Europe teetering on the precipice of economic ruin. The rest of us need to learn that this is the company kept by the some of the senior echelons of our Official Opposition, and is what lies in store for us if the Canadian public ever makes the catastrophic mistake of ever making them a federal government. 

The other two articles are about something that on the surface is so absurd, it should be the subject of comedy routines. It has to do with outrageously outspoken Sun News Network host Ezra Levant`s rant against the anti-Canadian policies of the Chiquita Banana corporation. Levant infamously ended his invective against the company by telling, on air, one of it`s executives to `chinga tu madre`which is the colloquial Spanish way of inviting him to have carnal relations with his mother.  

A complaint was made to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (SBSC)  by rabble.ca columnist David Climenhaga about Levant' supposed "lack of civility."  While claiming membership is voluntary, the CSRB is a regulatory body that non-government broadcasters are compelled to join in order to secure a broadcast license. The motive for Climenhaga's complaint seems to be a vendetta against the "right wing" Sun network, since by his own admission, he didn't see the broadcast on TV, but in an online video which is not covered by CSRB guidelines. But aside from the hypocrisy of the complainant whose demands for civility appear to be only directed at those with whom he disagrees, it points to the deplorable, totalitarian, censorious nature of the union-beholden NDP cheering squad in radical media.  

Climenhaga makes a laughable, self-contradictory claim that his complaint "  is obviously not a call or censorship, but merely for the enforcement of minimal standards of civility on a publicly owned resource. "

In other words, Clininhaga wrote that obviously he doesn't want censorship, but for a government-affiliated panel with the power to enforce rules and impose penalties to be able to prevent broadcasters from saying things that he doesn't like. Which, as anyone but an imbecile would realize, is censorship.  

In the same day's posting on rabble,  a transgendered woman named Mercedes Allen   parrots Climenhaga's mantra by writing, "freedom of speech also comes with a responsibility to maintain some civility and decorum."       

The radical left, whose marketable skills are limited to the part time food serving jobs some may have held while picking up Equity Studies degrees, are our contemporary Blanche Doboises, dependent on the kindness of strangers (or in some cases cronies) who hand out tax-funded government grants.

And in that spirit, Ms Allen, in the true nature of the mindset of rabble's writers, lets us know what censorship really is, accusing the Harper government of  "waging an economic stifling of speech through the defunding of environmental science, Status of Women groups, Aboriginal advocacy and human rights organizations."   

Among the self-indulgent, cultish, dimwits who populate the pages of rabble, censorship has a different definition than a rational person.. or a dictionaryThis is a consistent theme among socialist leeches. They want government commissions to be able to tell you what you cannot say or publish and that's not censorship, that's civility.  But in their minds, censorship is when the government doesn't hand out large tax-funded grants to subsidize their radical causes, including supporters of terror groups, that are in direct conflict with government policies. 

That kind of upside-down idiocy may sound too preposterous to take seriously.  Yet if nothing else, the petty totalitarians at rabble.ca trying to remake Canada into a warped Trotskyite vision are very serious about want they want.

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