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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Aboriginal Hunger Strike diversion - On Native Reserves, where is the money actually going???

Monies that should go to provide better housing, education and water treatment are diverted for other things at the discretion of the leadership and often at the expense of the people living on the reserve but the politically correct don’t want to discuss that. 
It has become a culture of dependence based on a culture of victimization that is used by too many aboriginal leaders as a diversion from their own failure to meet the needs of their people through better governance and management of their resources. 
It is true that the Indian Act needs to be eliminated and nobody would be happier to see it go than the Federal Government. The fact that it still exists is a testament to the fact that First Nations want it both ways. They want the rights and benefits provided under the act without any of the responsibilities that would come without the act in place. 
Too many have the same adolescent concept of being sovereign nations as nationalists do in Quebec. They want to be masters in their own house but have Canadians foot the bill for it. That isn’t sovereignty, that’s petulance and merely the illusion of independence.

h-t Blazing Cat Fur 


The Hammer said...

Have you seen the CBC coverage of this hunger strike? It looks like something you would find in Rabble. CBC has become the propoganda mouth piece for this corrupt leader:



Even the Toronto Red Star has balanced coverage, but not CBC:


This hunger strike hurts natives more than it helps. There are still a lot of legit native grievences. Focusing on this corrupt woman though only trivializes those legit grievences.

The Hammer said...

On the comments section of the latest CBC Pravda article on Therese Spence someone posted:
at 8:17 AM ET

The comments here are on the very edge of hate crimes.If people in Europe saw how Natives here are treated they would rethink Canada..

I had a good laugh at this one. I shared some articles on Roma rafugees and racist European soccer fans with this poor misguided individual.