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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wins libel trial - judge finds plaintiff to be a fraudster and liar

Ford was sued by over a Toronto Sun interview in which he said an untendered contract awarded to Tuggs Inc for a concession at the city`s boardwalk smacks of corruption.

Tuggs owner George Foulidis sued Ford for libel and the case was dismissed on interesting grounds. Evidently, George Foulidis was not listed as a senior officer of Tugs Inc when Ford`s interview took place. George Foulidis`brother Konstantinos was the one who was listed as the president, secretary and treasurer. Therefore no reasonable person would have taken Ford`s comments about Tuggs to refer to George Foulidis.

The judge also noted that the plaintiff, George Foulidis was a fraudster and a liar.

Which would give him something in common with lots of people out to get Rob Ford.

You can read the judgement here


The Hammer said...

The Toronto Star went out of their way to present this in the best possible light for George Foulidis


Richard K said...

I wouldn`t be surprised to hear if al Starzeera had subsidized the plaintiff`s legal costs for the libel case.

The Hammer said...

Oh I am sure the Red Star did. The rest was probably picked up by CUPE.