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Monday, December 3, 2012

Need for tighter sanctions on Iranian airlines

An ex-Russian passenger plane (Tu-154), previously owned by the state-run 'Iran AirTours' airlines is now converted by the 'Iranian Aircraft Manufacturing Industries' as a military testbed. Look closely at the tail section of the above aircraft and you'll be able to see a nose section (orange cone) of an F-5A fighter jet. The caption from the original photo says this airplane will be able to carry/test UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in the future. This jetliner was located at the IRGC's ramp in Tehran's Mehrabad airport.


The Hammer said...

Josh Blakeney and the Iranian government are attacking Canada again:


Have a look at the top comments on this video. Take a look at the top comments for all PressTV videos and you will see the same think. Talk of vast Jewish conspiricies among other thigns. Looks like a Heritage Front comment board.

Richard K said...

Wow... too bad "crazy" isn't an Olympic event. If it were, it would be the one area where that guy could excel at something.