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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Libby Davies & Naomi Klein poverty pimping in Vancouver

Unlike those investments, projects like Sequel 138 don’t require grants or ongoing subsidies from taxpayers, Maxwell said.” 
Projects like this can also build healthy communities. Kids who live in mixed-use buildings aren’t stigmatized for living in ‘the projects’. Ideas and communities intermingle- people learn to better tolerate and accept each other. This isn’t a utopian ideal- it actually works in many cities. Sequel 138 won’t bring us salvation- but it’s an important step forwards.    
So, considering this- why are the radicals so hell-bent against this project? Is it just the jobs?     
Of course not, it’s about their base of power. Think about it- if developers build 20 Sequel 138′s in Vancouver-East they will bring a significant change to the riding’s demographics. Despite creating 360 high-quality (and low maintenance) social housing units, they’ll bring hundreds of less radical (and less malleable) home owners. 

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The Hammer said...

They want to bring US style housing projects to Canada to segregate the poor into ghettos.