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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Toronto Star's Zerb lauds violent anarchist criminal halfwit - gee, who'd have thunk that?

Let’s begin with the title where she labels Hiscocks a “G20 Activist”. To label Hiscocks as an activist is to insult all of the people who do hard work to make change in this world. She was convicted for the same activities as Alex Hundert- training people to damage buildings and stores in downtown Toronto, and how to ‘de-arrest’ people from the police. The word for what Hiscocks did was ‘criminal’, not ‘activist’.     
Next, without questioning her poor logic, Zerbisias explains Hiscock’s complaint how she was unfairly put into maximum security without any sort of an explanation why. Are they kidding? Hiscocks was put into maximum security because she’s an evangelist for promoting violence and chaos on the streets of Toronto. It’s quite simple really- your average Grade Five student could understand this.    
Hiscocks crossed a serious line by teaching and encouraging kids to ‘de-arrest’ each other- a violent act by its definition.  She put a lot of young and impressionable kids at risk. She’s is in her late 30′s, the people she was training were often just out of high school. Encouraging younger people to getting into physical confrontations with the police is the height of irresponsibility.


Steve said...

i though the old gal had retired.

Richard K said...

The Toronto Star seemed to have been embarrassed enough by her writing to take her regular column away. but she's still there as features writer.

I guess it got to be too much, even for the elephant graveyard of asinine old socialists, when she used a column in the Living section to pen a defense of Hamas' child bride ceremonies.