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Friday, March 7, 2014

Jonathan Kay: Ezra Levant’s trial echoes a time when Canada’s radical Muslim activists were taken seriously

I made it down to Ezra's libel trial this afternoon and will do a write-up tomorrow. Jon Kay of the National Post was there for the pre-lunch segment and has a good summary:
 ...the defamation trial involving Levant and Awan can be seen as the legal backwash from a bygone era — when men such as Elmasry were the public face of Canada’s Islamic community. Awan hitched his horse to this wagon just as it was crashing and burning. The question being decided in a Toronto court is whether Ezra Levant went too far in calling him on it.

The trial was expected to wrap up today, but it will continue on Monday and may go as long as until Tuesday. Ezra has still not yet been cross-examined by the attorney for Khurran Awan, the plaintiff.

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