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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mother of child who identified as transgender at age 3 wants government ID rules changes

Transgendered people frequently have a tough time in life and I have sympathy for them and think they deserve support. I'm one of those people who absolutely believe that sex-reassignment surgery should be covered by public health insurance. I mean really, just because it's free is not going to be incentive for anyone to have this permanent, life-altering surgery unless they feel is essential to their being.
But having said that, transgenderism isn't something that a young child can determine. It is not something that can be truly understood prior to puberty, when major hormonal, physical and physiological changes occur. There may be parental and environmental influences that are leading them to be confused, and in those cases where children are given hormones to alter their gender, I think it's nothing short of child abuse.
And then there is this from the CBC:
The mother of a transgender child wants the Saskatchewan government to remove any record of a person's sex on birth certificates.
Fran Forsberg has filed a complaint to Saskatchewan's Human Rights Commission on behalf of her six-year-old child, Renn, after the province's Vital Statistics Agency refused to change Renn's sex designation from "Male" to "Female" on the youngster's birth records.

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