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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Louis C.K.'s Saturday Night Live monologue gives Social Justice Wankers a new reason for outrage

Social Justice Wankers have something new to get smoke steaming out of their ears and their self-righteous fingers furiously tapping away on their keyboards to register outrage on twitter and facebook.

Louis C.K.'s monologue for Saturday Night Live last night included jokes about being 'mildly racist' and child molestation.

They're jokes. Louis C.K. is a comedian. Comedy is allowed to venture into touchy territory. That's what it's supposed to do. Social Justice Wankers don't get that, because they have absolutely no sense of humor.

What's ironic and funny about the "controversy" is that C.K.'s Saturday Night Live routine covered content that has more or less been a staple of the hit cartoon series Family Guy for over a decade. Fortunately, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and the Fox network which broadcasts his show apparently don't give a shit about what Social Justice Wankers think, and go out of their way to provoke them. 

We all should be doing that.

By the way, if you check out C.K.'s routine from last night in the video above, you might just find that it's pretty hilarious.

1 comment:

gama said...

I was wandering Eye on a Crazy Planet if you would allow me this rant.....
The death-knell of a liberal society is when it becomes rife with abusive pathologies , where neurotic zombies so consumed with poisonous self-loathing and gratuitous hatreds for western socio-cultural values , stuck knee-deep in a rot of self-pithy they desperately grasp at any hair-vest to wear and beat their war-drums.
Beware there is no greater wrath than a possessed social-justice-warrior’s sacred agenda scorned !
The screeching, the walling, the incessant caterwauling { like cats on a hot tin roof } , and the gnashing of teeth will not cease until the warriors{ aka wankers } have dragged the last white-male-Christian through the gutter of redemption in those cess-pools of inequity { Liberal-Arts/ humanities University programs }, and forced a hand-wringing mea-culpa at their sacrificial altars .
All this theatre of western guilt is pure Kabuki on steroids, outright fascist idiots tilting at windmills, fighting their many imaginary demons .